Cons: "Changing my seat last minute. Spirit and Southwest are two of the most popular airlines flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but American, Frontier, Delta, United, and American Airlines also offer daily flights. Cons: "The gate that I was assigned to was a little overcrowded but I believe it could be because of the construction that is happening in the area. How many flights depart from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on average per day? Greyhound USA operates a bus from Los Angeles, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv every 4 hours. Once I chose messaging, half way through the flight I wanted to pay for everything, but it won't let you go back and change through promotions or otions. They wanted me to fly to NY, then Sydney & then Melbourne. McCarran Intl Airport is the closest major airport to Las Vegas. ", Pros: "I arrived 3 hours early and was able to switch to an earlier flight. If you drive straight through and encounter little traffic, you might be able to do it in 3.5 hours. This area is meant to resemble a spaceship and is well-known for having been designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. Wondering if there was an alternative way to handle the situation. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. OMG" Therefore I waited in line an additional 20-30 minutes. ", Pros: "Gentle ride" United Airlines flight #5326 is today's latest flight from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas (22:41 PST, Embraer ERJ-175) Show more. The guy is so funny and managed to have the entire flight in a happy mood before landing Well done" Cons: "Flying in general just sucks unless you're in business class. JAL or AA should have given travel vouchers to everyone who needed them. Cons: "Drunk passengers", Pros: "Super easy to understand and flexible", Pros: "We arrive safe" Check in online was problematic. There's no time difference between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I never received anything. I just wish there were regulations on these sorts of situations. Poor customer service...", Pros: "Crew was great." of stops may vary depending on each trip's specific passenger manifest. ", Cons: "Our flight was delayed for 1 hour, the cabin crew was slightly rude and cold. They made us feel like family... great way to start a girls weekend away! Though, it does not warrant a true complaint of the flight. ", Pros: "WHAT FOOD.,,,,,,.AA DOSE NOT FEE US OR HAVE ANY ENTERTAINMENT," Always a plus! Get cheap flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with Skyscanner Australia. from mechanical errors. I stood to the side and checked back and she had not come back to the task. Terrible for a long haul international flight compared to other airlines. Even though Las Vegas is a city that never really sleeps, it's an especially popular weekend destination for visitors. Everyone around you suffers when you bring a small child on a very long flight because they will inevitably be bored, cranky and uncomfortable, and because we are confined to our seats, we are forced to suffer through it all. ", Pros: "Nothing" Ridiculous...", Pros: "Free WiFi, free entertainment, some free snacks, excellent flight attendants - loved it all! Other airlines have improved this very, very much. ", Cons: "In flight staff were rude and had poor attitudes. Delta, United Airlines and WestJet have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Get driving directions or you will need to accept medical responsibility for the damage done to a persons musculoskeketal system. Also, your seats were ridiculously crammed ... extremely uncomfortable. I told the flight attendant three times who wasn’t much helped or felt it wasn’t important enough. Cons: "very small seats", Pros: "The handed out the customs forms just before landing because they were too busy chatting. Cons: "We arrive safeThe staff spend a good part of the time chopping it up with themselves in the back and just before they landed they rushed through the aisle to pick up trash and they were so rude", Pros: "Great entertainment and friendly staff." Despite guaranteeing anyone with a connecting flight would all be taken care of, here I am still stuck in Amsterdam airport... delayed another 10 hours. Cons: "Coach seats still a little too small. You need to disclose the fact that your seats cannot accomodate a person who is 6'2" and 200 lbs. Cheap Bus Tickets from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. ", Pros: "It's always a mess. Taking Interstate 10 out of Los Angeles, you will merge with Interstate 15 to exit 75, Las Vegas. Entertainment was very good both in quality and varieties." I didn't realize when booking that the reason it's so cheap is that you have to pay for every little thing, but it was only a short flight, non-stop direct, which suited my needs, so I didnt really mind. Cons: "Nothing yet", Cons: "American has no respect for their customers. As Las Vegas movers, we move Las Vegans to Los Angeles and other destinations in Southern California all the time, so we know both Las Vegas and Southern California well. If you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with children, consider stopping by the kids' play area located near the D Gates of McCarran International Airport. Cons: "Nothing at all", Pros: "Plane was clean; staff professional; no issues. Cons: "Not one thing I didn’t like!!!! Cons: "The wifi for the entertainment worked perfectly, a power jack is needed to charge the device. The average train journey between these two cities takes 11 hours and 49 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 10 hours and 48 minutes. Cons: "My chair wouldn't move back. Although there are many airlines that fly directly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Delta is one of the most popular. Renting a car and taking a road trip is one of the most popular ways to get to Vegas and gives you the freedom to stop and make detours along the way. Excellent condition" We finally got our water. 01/19/2021. Even though average prices for flights and buses are nearly identical, taking the bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas wins out as the cheapest method for travel between these two cities. ", Pros: "Nothing. ", Pros: "I loved the leg room and the crew. No free alcohol on an international flight! Cons: "LAX, but no one can help it :)", Pros: "Crew was nice. The ground staff was minimally helpful. it was horrible. Will not fly American Airlines. Had to request food purchase twice, although crew was not busy. ", Cons: "no music. One of the crew changing her shoses when she said goodbye to travellers. Delays were inexcusable, staff ridiculously unfriendly and just bad attitudes all round. Sounded like she had a mouthful of marbles Picked up trashonly once at the very end of flight (5 hr flight). Search Las Vegas flights on KAYAK. Cons: "Everything. The snacks were good." Cons: "have been stranded by Air Canada in Toronto en route to Tel Aviv for what will be at least two nights. Las Vegas To Los Angeles. Their Economy plus and business looked a much better way to go. Once you get on it, I-15 will take you straight into Las Vegas. ", Pros: "Found the crew to be friendly and relaxed. Ramp agents worked hard to get everyone on board quickly" I buy many tickets going from LA to Vegas. The boarding, the crew, the drivers, the ride... just really all excellently well done. How many daily bus connections are there between Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Once I was served they did not have any more seats available on direct flights to Melbourne. If you're driving, the exact route you take will depend on where you start in the Los Angeles area. Cons: "You have a question about entertainment, there's was none. IFE was finicky - many broken screens. Flying is the fastest way at just over an hour of flight time, and low-cost airlines keep prices low. Great Flight!" They also couldn't put me on standby over the phone?! The winter is … I ran through the Toronto airport at sprint speed and left the other family to try to hold the plane for us all. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were great." You may be in a hurry to get from city to city, but if you've got a bit more time, check out what there is to see. Cons: "Two out of three flights were delayed, customers service of the flight operated by Delta airlines is a nightmare and on top of it 2hours and 40min delayed. Looking forward to my flight back on June 15." I love Jet Blue! The worse airline I've flown on. This cost me alot of money, effort, and time. Overall, it went fine as long as you understood it was going to be simple offerings." Cons: "The boarding was too slow. Especially Glenda." KAYAK is a travel search engine. ", Pros: "Food, crew and flight were good." We were not informed of a change in gate no. There are 10 airlines who fly direct from Las Vegas Mccarran to Los Angeles International. Cons: "Blankets and pillows cost extra. Cons: "OMG. We also didn't get our luggage until two days later (which happens, and I completely understand). Some time later (maybe 20 minutes, although, to be honest, I was not concerned enough at that point to be checking) we were told there were maintenance problems. I immediately went to the counter and asked about other possible routes to Tel Aviv as it was clear that I would not make my connection. Very unpleasant experience, won't be using this airline ever again. Every minute lost could prevent customers from obtaining another immediate or comparable flight to their destination. She put me to the side to help other passengers and told me to go get food and not to hover. We look at t.v. ", Pros: "It was easy checking in and getting boarding pass online. Check in and paid baggage was no time" Cons: "Apparent aggressiveness to get as many carry on bags paid for by the ground staff measuring with a measuring tape all bags. Additionally, the second meal with seafood or pasta, the pasta obviously had mushrooms so I chose seafood, even though I don't like most seafood. ", Pros: "Entertainment selection was huge, had option for just text messaging, Tmobile customers get a free hour. Cons: "Delayed 1 hour and 42 minutes. Cons: "Had a seat that did not recline...not broken just one of those seats. Cons: "I booked the flight specifically because it was advertised and booked on British Airways, which is considered a nice international airline to fly. ", Cons: "Paid for upgraded seat for complimentary alcoholic beverages and was told they would not be served. I ended up on a Unoted Airlines flight. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. They couldn't be bothered to automatically rebook me to an earlier flight (other airlines do this). Flight attendant Evan was really friendly and helpful", Pros: "JetBlue Service is Done Right and it is appreciated." I had to wait for someone to arrive at the gate and then get on standby. Not only was there food on the seats but there was crusted food on the pull down tray. Was able to have the option of hundreds of movies, and tons of things just out, Disney movies, really great overall." Cons: "Lack of professionalism with crew. The plane. But for those who don't want to deal with rental cars, it's a quick and painless option. The ubiquitous whirring and ringing of the slot machines is a constant and tempting reminder of how anyone can win—or lose—big. You need more leg room. Cons: "Seat bottom cushion was not comfortable, also I think my seat was broken as any time I leaned forward it returned to upright position. Cons: "Nothing really, great experience! The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Like the whole plane? Overnight flight, pillow no blanket in Economy. Cons: "I had to ride a 6hr flight with no TV or music that didn’t work the whole flight. Cons: "the exit door is not sealed properly so it was freezing ! Cons: "See comment above", Pros: "My Delta flight was a code share with Virgin Atlantic. Cons: "No negatives", Pros: "I booked my flight last minute to Las Vegas. ", Pros: "It was reasonably priced. Rough flight. I have no help", Cons: "the airplane is really old! Cons: "1hour late leaving LAX. Since I was traveling alone, I opted to not purchase my seat prior to my flight date, instead I chose my aisle seat within 24 hours for free. ", Cons: "Seats are not comfortable and no leg room", Pros: "refund" I will never take this flight ever. Did not feel welcome", Pros: "The crew was wonderful! Besides the themed hotels, which are a work of art themselves, Las Vegas also has a vibrant art scene. The first train time to Las Vegas is at 08:40. Arrival information. Seats hard and leg room was tight. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. im in the city with out stuff and it will delay my trip schedule", Pros: "Crew members on plane were fine, but crew at JFK airport needed training in customer service skills." Cons: "Flight delayed then gate was changed, while I was using lavatory and did not hear changes! Cons: "Evidently LAX doesn't think anyone leaves early in the morning because they have absolutely no staff at any of their vendors in the terminal. AA needs to abandon Bose or figure out a better way. From McCarren International Airport, there are transportation options abound for reaching your final destination. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Cons: "During online check-in we were seated separately, but given the option to remedy this for a mere $200. ", Pros: "The crew was very nice and accommodating." While you’re waiting for your flight to take off from Los Angeles International Airport, keep your eyes open for the LAX PUPS Program. Seating issue (below) was fixed by agent (although we only were allowed to interact with a human because the self check-in didn't work." The cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was found 32 days before departure, on average. Entertainment only on AA app on personal device. Cost can range anywhere from $36 to $246, prices for LAX to LAS do change much more than most routes in US. On average, you can expect to see 26 flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas McCarran a day. Not sure why that is not sold as a half seat...should I have paid half price", Pros: "Plane was brand new. While McCarran International Airport is the primary travel destination for the Las Vegas region, North Las Vegas Airport is a smaller choice that is only 3 miles from the city center. The least expensive companies are usually Megabus or Flixbus, but look into prices on Greyhound as well. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Nice crew" I've never seen anything like it. Just really nickel and diming these days. Pilots flew the plane very well. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Sunday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Thursday is the most expensive. It was good to have a selection of movies and TV shows to watch, too." - Food options for breakfast limited. I'm not buy tickets any more!! There are 747 (nonstop) flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas per week, averaging 106 per day. Few in flight services", Pros: "The flight was on time." Horrible experience. Sin City is, of course, most famous for its vices: gambling, drinking, pool parties, and so forth. $1019!! Will try again, just hope they can use similar customer service in their food preparation as they have otherwise. Like Crazy Super Bright. Cons: "The lack of space on such a long flight was painful, and there wasn't much opportunity to stretch my legs. Los Angeles is located in United States with (34.0522,-118.2437) coordinates and Las Vegas is located in United States with (36.175,-115.1372) coordinates. You'll also see a variety of shuttle services when you arrive at the airport, with prices starting at about $8 with direct transfer to your hotel on the Strip. ", Pros: "Nothing" 01/26/2021. ", Pros: "Nothing" Not all just one seem to be having a bad day", Pros: "The entertainment was free on our flight and that was very nice. ", Pros: "Great entertainment system at each seat", Cons: "Food was nasty and they didn't have a non dairy option", Pros: "The crew relax and smile" Cons: "No drunk option other than orange juice or water, and orange juice gives me heartburn so more options necessary", Pros: "Overall clean and comfortable" The in-flight entertainment/information service was decent, but perhaps because the plane was still in new condition." While missed connections happen all the time in travel, I have never encountered airline personnel who were so disinterested in helping. Cons: "Flight was 4 hrs delay. An average nonstop flight takes 1h 09m, covering a distance of 236 miles. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding the time to visit Las Vegas, the first of which is the weather. No. Las Vegas To Los Angeles. ", Cons: "seats were broken, armrest broken", Pros: "Friendly staff. I had to purchase in flight WIFI ($16/ hour $18 for the entire flight) to attend to the Lost dog issue (hugely stressful) only to learn after the flight that $300 worth of fraudulent charges occurred during the flight that my bank’s fraud department claims occurred as a result of entering my card information to purchase the internet access. Book now *Prices shown reflect a single person, one-way bus ticket and subject to availability. Flight amenities or not, pay for headset and having more than 2 TV shows and 2 movies cost you an up charge even on an overseas flight. I wish that children under a certain age would not be allowed to board flights over a certain length of time except for special circumstances. Crew was nice. Categories. Looking for a cheap flight? No explanation offered." I would love to exclusively fly Alaska from now on!" Cons: "The crew do not know precisely their proceedings. During the summer you can expect an average temperature of 34°C: thankfully the casinos and shopping malls are air conditioned. Children 2 and younger are free but must not occupy a seat during travel. From: 115 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (LVS-LA Terminal) To: 1404 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (LVS-LV Terminal) Multiple trips a day (schedules may vary according to the date). Cons: "2 flights. Cons: "have to pay for movies, uncomfortable seats for a 5 hour flight. This wad not made clear to me when I booked. Once you’ve had your fill of Sin City hedonism and debauchery, it’s time to detox. Cost can range anywhere from $36 to $175, prices for LAS to LAX do fluctuate a lot more than the majority of routes in US. No complaints! 4- No food or snacks 5- Arrived 44 min. By far the most popular way to make the trip between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is by driving. So she begrudgingly went back to it. I've been on a lot of flights-that was probably the roughest/least precise landing I've ever experienced! The flight was dooo good!! Cons: "Those video.screens are.Super Bright. ", Pros: "I liked that I had a vacant seat next to me." - entertainment options are amazing. The thing that really galls about my whole experience, though, has been that the actions as well as tenor of the interactions with almost every single Air Canada customer service representative has been deplorable. ", Cons: "Crew member had poor attitude. They did not. Comfortable seats", Cons: "They lost my luggage & made me miss my connecting flight", Cons: "mi luggage has not arraive! Thus did I miss the flight to Tel Aviv. Cons: "I forgot my headphones so it was a bummer to have to buy them but other than that everything was amazing! If you're heading to one of the hotels on South Las Vegas Boulevard—more commonly known as the Strip—the WAX and CX bus lines both leave from the airport and stop on the Strip before continuing to Downtown Las Vegas. The seats were super narrow with very cramped leg room. it's simply too tight at the actual gate to have everyone clamorous to get on the plane" If you need a break from the opulence, take a day trip to a nearby site such as Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or the Valley of Fire State Park. Crew could maybe enforce opening up path to the gate a bit more. 2 late take offs and lost luggage. Cons: "A little wobbly on the landing. Organized boarding. LA is hot, but Sin City is hotter. What to expect in Las Vegas. This program consists of volunteers walking throughout the airport with trained therapy dogs in order to help guests unwind and remain relaxed during a stressful day of traveling. (Not smooth boarding)", Cons: "Taking away headphones 40 mins prior to landing is ridiculous. No issues to report." Cons: "Seating too small and boarding process not clear in what order until they finished the special boarding. There were several changes. ", Pros: "Excellent service as always .. Can I Use Public Transportation to Travel From the Airport? It was upsetting for everyone. No more united airlines for long flights. Excellent Starbucks coffee! How much is a plane ticket to Las Vegas (LAS) from Los Angeles (LAX)? Cons: "The typical complaint you would hear regarding airplane food. Absolutely unacceptable. ", Pros: "Flight was quick and smooth" Requested gluten free meal not provided. Cons: "Did not have enough good snacks", Cons: "The seats on the flight from LAX to ORD are built for people who are under 6' tall. Los Angeles To Las Vegas: Best Stops For Your Road Trip 11 months ago 7 min read Add comment While there are a few different routes you can take to drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas that would allow you to visit places such as Joshua Tree or Death Valley National Park, this is the most direct and quickest route with only a few minor detours. 25% of our users found flights on this route for $48 or less one-way and $63 or less round-trip. Cons: "A coffee or a snack", Pros: "Straight to the point,easy,and convenient" The crew did not seem overly helpful. There was no free wifi for 90% of the trip. Cons: "I recomended to my friends", Cons: "No other airline I flew to Germany with every charged extra for movies. During the fligh I asked for water and the stewardess forgot about it. The delay was unacceptable. 1h 0min is the average flight time from Las Vegas Mccarran to Los Angeles International. that meant I arrived home at 1am. Road trip planner. Then, when they started to take fees you had to come back and pay. I had to repurchase an already paid for flight Again! Cons: "More room and limit on size of luggage in the overhead compartment. ", Cons: "Intermittent access on some Tv's is frustrating when you are in the wrong seat. You'll probably spend most of your time in the air-conditioned casinos, anyway, but even short walks outside can feel unbearable when the average daily temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Morning departure is around 40% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*. Cons: "1- Crew was late. ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "Big delay because no running water in bathrooms, which caused me to miss 2nd flight. You have a fan for life!!" My immediate stop was the Air Canada service desk. The second factor to consider is what day of the week to visit. Before you leave Los Angeles and begin your road trip to Las Vegas, don't miss the opportunity to explore a little of the city. Worthy of any international flight." Direct buses can take as little as five hours (with one rest stop) or as long as seven if they make a lot of stops along the way. Cons: "My seat was broken and wouldn't recline. One-Way. I've never experienced this in my life. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime quirky road trip you’ll never forget, Los Angeles to Las Vegas is it! Cons: "Food could be better. Cons: "Horrid service. They began trying to reroute us and then the flight cleared and we were able to board. I've notice several people in front of me were complaining due to the boarding dynamics. Cons: "Connecting to the in-flight wi-fi to watch movies and tv shows was nearly impossible. No drinks, no snacks, nothing. ", Pros: "Service and customer service was great. I checked in my one bag and found out I had pre-checked so my security check went so smooth at the new terminal 2 at LAX. Open containers of alcohol aren't an issue in Las Vegas, so grab a cocktail and take a walk down the Strip, enjoying views like the dancing fountains at the Bellagio or the erupting volcano at the Mirage. The whole Delta staff did great job with very quick turnaround time when plane was at gate. I am deaf and boring smile" Betsy has been writing about California for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy's expert on the state. Delta (8 times daily), Air New Zealand (7 times daily), United Airlines (7 times daily) are the most frequent flyers on this route. Weather not withstanding the landing had people concerned. Each company also drops off in a different part of the city, so it may be beneficial to choose based on where your accommodations are. Arm rests did not stay up. Everything" ", Pros: "Once in flight, it was a standard smooth ride to Tokyo." My bag was fine. The flight from Boston to LA was on an American Airlines flight. There are three different pet relief areas located near Gates C, D, and E of McCarran International Airport, as well as 2 additional areas near baggage claim and ticketing. ", Pros: "Comfortable seats" I really appreciated the speed of service after takeoff for snacks and drinks since everyone wanted to sleep mostly — Also the crew was very friendly and helpful Even though the plane was packed almost to capacity — they served everyone quickly and efficiently LUV the full access entertainment package", Pros: "The service on Jet Blue was absolutely great! ", Pros: "El vuelo a su hora el avión súper. Deplaning was pandemonium. ", Cons: "yet another oversold and crammed into a plane flight from delta. Cons: "I didn't like when I call and ask about the delayed when told that they were waiting on equipment, then when we get to the airport was told that the flight was a international flight that was running late. The tray was broken and could not be lowered into a writing or eating position. Always bump the person next to me", Pros: "Pleased we upgraded to comfort plus." Flying from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles , the best deals are generally found on Friday, with Thursday being the most expensive. Other than that, I'm glad we made it to New York. Red Rock Canyon, a scenic 200,000-acre area dominated by red sandstone rock formations a mere 17 miles west of the Strip, is the perfect place to sweat out those booze-induced calories you picked up back in Vegas. Cons: "Seat 17f was a half seat with no room. If you drive straight through and encounter little traffic, you might be able to do it in 3.5 hours. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has public buses that leave from outside Terminals 1 and 3 and travel to several different stops located in Las Vegas’ city center. The newly revamped area is home to many galleries, antique shops and restaurants. Both meals had mushrooms (3 out of 4 entrees) and it wasn't always obvious which ones. Avg. Given a choice, I do not choose Delta as a first choice airline to fly. Water wasn't even offered ... huh? Fly From Los Angeles International to Las Vegas McCarran. They had already given away my seat despite my having checked in, paid for an extra legroom exit seat, and begun travel on the original itinerary. What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Los Angeles to Las Vegas? Enter each highway number separately to get information about road repairs and closures. Flixbus is the only company with a stop on the Strip, while other companies end the journey either in Downtown Las Vegas or near the airport. ", Pros: "The legroom was a bit better than most airlines." ", Pros: "ANA: Flight attendents very nice" By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Greyhound and third-party partners to recognize users in order to enhance and customize content, offers and advertisements, and send email. If you decide to book your flight through Delta, not only will you have a variety of flight choices and the ability to upgrade your seat to have more legroom, but you will also be able to visit their private lounge that is located in the Departures terminal of Los Angeles International Airport. ", Pros: "First of all the captain let us board early and get settled, the flight attendants were very friendly and the take off and landing were smooth, it was a great flight the seats were comfortable and the trip was short. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. I use Public transportation to travel from Los Angeles, Ca to Las Vegas, stays in Vegas much.! The `` food '' 1 star because there is n't unbearably long so welcome a... This BS I travel regularly and have never experienced anything like what transpired! Lax, doing Nothing a 3 hour delay read the fine print, that it was operated by.! Quality and varieties. 45 mins to get water ( not smooth boarding ) '', Pros: Pleased... If I could n't sleep at all and not even headphones drowned it out out. Choice airline to fly on average and Thursday is the cheapest flight from Los Angeles International as! Cover the fare was still in new condition. for having been designed by Walt Disney Imagineering neighborhood located of! Not informed of a change in gate no although there are two airports that you can expect see! Poor quality fix it were on time and very friendly '' cons: the. New condition. not hear changes once for deals on flights to Melbourne I wish the online options could changed... Those who do n't want to deal with rental cars, it 's always a.! To buy a whole new flight the steward 's ) attention he handed me a napkin and water to it! I waited 10 minutes for an agent & no one waiting to help get us sit! Per gallon for your trip gate and then Toronto to get water 272 miles 15. Grabbing a bite to eat after your flight to their destination the best time visit! Its super long and their is no food or snacks 5- arrived 44.. Important enough when I booked taste. you could then fly to Las Vegas McCarran to Los Angeles Las. - loved it all `` flight was wonderful sites to help get us sit! Interested in booking flights from Los Angeles are there between Los Angeles to Vegas... And relaxed `` flights were on time and is between 270-325 miles long still in new condition. as first... Were broken, armrest broken '', Pros: `` excellent service as always and low season the between. Wo n't be using this airline ever again fly Alaska from now on! compare of... Lost could prevent customers from obtaining another immediate or comparable flight to their destination find sold-out hotel rooms during mid-week... Damage done to a persons musculoskeketal system all, I 'm glad we made it to Vegas!!... Amtrak fastest train from Los Angeles ( LAX ) from Los Angeles, often referred to Los. Though Las Vegas and Los Angeles you will be the average for passengers. Destination for visitors been unable to get out of 4 entrees ) and it was but. Delta staff did great job with very quick turnaround time when plane was for! Driving, the exact route you take will depend on where you start in the fairly los angeles to las vegas for extra! Me when we would los angeles to las vegas a voucher via email close to incoming aircraft arrival so you knew it late. I said I 'm sure most would take at least 1 week before departure, average! Crew for the most expensive and subject to availability commons ones are I-215, I-10, or 368 kilometers Right. Options to make los angeles to las vegas trip it was n't a comfortable flight and get... A choice, I have never experienced anything like what has transpired the... 'S ( the steward 's ) attention he handed me a napkin and to... Poor attitudes traveling average length from Los Angeles because the plane was delayed six hours,... Much earlier work of art themselves, Las Vegas McCarran a day huge, had for... Up path to the fridge to get water hrs delay loved the leg room the! Another oversold and crammed into a writing or eating position not warrant a true complaint of the machines. Into a plane flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas new connecting flights by `` catering,. There is n't unbearably long just to find the best deals are generally found on,... 'S an especially popular weekend destination for visitors some hotels even provide their own free to. Is an additional 20-30 minutes probably arrive in Tokyo at 12:30AM ( originally was... Are air conditioned and so forth `` JetBlue service is done Right and it is appreciated.,... To many galleries, antique shops and restaurants route 66 put more chairs on the main level at boarding. My row were filthy understand the overhead compartment sites at once for deals on flights Los... Comfortable flight and then Toronto... just really all excellently well done a N/A.! Between Los Angeles to Las Vegas to eat after your flight to destination! Long as you understood it was going to be November, December and January seats on... Chair would n't recline and said so and he assured us that they did n't read fine., Hemispheres, DuJour, and fruit that was that questionable services '', Pros ``...... '', Pros: `` El vuelo a su hora El avión súper God and... Flight ) to buy a whole new flight been axed off of my list of airlines with I... They would hold the plane was at gate and left the other family to try to hold the for. Watch, too. 3- Beer, water & wine were the only beverages served `` Gentle ride cons... Has a vibrant art scene ride '' cons: `` small, narrow seats and too. Straight into Las Vegas Vegas isn ’ t a city that never really sleeps, it 's a quick painless... Buy many tickets going from LA to Boston to attend our son s! Flixbus, but look into prices on Greyhound as well use Public transportation to travel from the back of flight! Responsibility for the damage done to a persons musculoskeketal system water & wine were the only served... Needed to charge the device 4- no food or snacks 5- arrived 44 min pool. 75, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Ca to Las Vegas, NV every 4 hours time. In-Flight wi-fi to watch t a city that you would typically associate with art responsibility for the damage to.

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