Our Açaí

The açaí market is growing every day in Brazil and the world. In order to fulfill the needs of this market, Açaí Marajó has added the experience of more than 20 years in the segment of ice cream, becoming an innovative company focused on processing açaí and other fruits native to the Amazon rainforest. With its own factory and harvesting points in Pará, which is the root of the extraction of the best açaí, the company has been operating in the market since 2015. Through the system of ultra-freezing, the açaí of Açaí Marajó has a texture and flavor differentiated, thereby offering high-quality products.

The partly Dutch management as from 2018 ensures that we can serve our international clients optimally. Currently Açaí Marajó exports to over 10 countries with operations in Brazil and The Netherlands.