I just moved to a much smaller apartment. But it did have Bragg label on it. She said that coconut oil or olive oil are both safe to use. For less cooperative cats, I highly recommend finding a friend to help hold the cat and keeping that towel wrapped snugly so you don’t get clawed. They are traumatized and it is difficult to treat them for ear mites but I am trying. well.. HOW do you add to the canal. [30] Coconut oil is rich in low chain fatty acids and lauric acid. I cleared this technique with our vet. She didn’t give me any problem with those. Be extra careful if using swabs, because the cat may get annoyed at having their ears touched and shake their heads aggressively. Give kitties as much TLC as you can, and good quality food and plenty of fresh water. Apply some amount of it on the ear lobes and massage gently. God bless you and your care of His creatures. If your cats are all inside cats, and the odds are low that they will be reinfected, then it may be worth your effort to treat more heavily in hopes of completely eliminating them from the household. It sounds like you may be dealing with fleas in addition to ear mites. When feeding raw or fresh cooked food, always serve small enough portions that kitty can finish it in one sitting, so it’s not sitting around. There are several species of mites, with the most common being Otodectes cynotis. Reply. You only need to apply coconut oil to your pet's ears every day or two to keep them clean, healthy, and itch-free. Coconut Oil – Using coconut oil is another one I believe would not only help get rid of the ear mites, but help your dog’s skin heal too. Please help! You comb the cat, quickly dip comb in the water solution and repeat. You only need to apply coconut oil to your pet’s ears every day or two to keep them clean, healthy, and itch-free. My vet believed in using Mazola corn oil for ear mites, and when possible having the pet owner clean them out to save a trip to the vet and not using chemical products. In addition to the sardines and coconut oil daily, I also switched the cats to a grain free cat food (IAMS Grain Free Naturals Chicken and Salmon) and put Rescue Remedy for Pets in the cat water for a time. Ear mites, also known as otodectes cynotis mites, are a parasitic infection that commonly affects dogs. Your veterinarian may clean out all the debris in your dog’s ear canals, or they may recommend you do so (regularly) at home. We asked some holistic veterinarians all about cats and coconut oil. Pets are susceptible to ear infections caused by bacteria, yeast and ear mites. You may want to try different types of litter to see if he prefers one over another. Gently massage the ear area to work the coconut oil into the mites and debris. Repeat the remedy once a day for at least 15 days to get rid of ear mites completely. Thank you!! Be careful using it so as not to rub it too deep into the ear canal. I have always used apple cider vineger & again for just my general health, I am carrying on my mothers teachings in use of a few her remdedys using the apple cider vinegar, usually get it from a Whole Foods store. Another thing I do with Coconut Oil is put a little bit on their paws. And of course you properly balance it with organ and bone if you are feeding this as more than 10% of the cat’s diet. If you’re looking for the best option for kitty health, raw meat is better for health. Hello laurie Gently dab pure coconut oil on any abrasions or … Dissolve and put drops.. ear canal.. To create a homemade remedy for dog ear mites using oregano oil, add one drop of the oil to half an ounce of aloe vera juice in a small bottle and shake well. PS. Procedure: Take 1 or 2 fresh garlic cloves and slice them into thin … With these medications, it is important not to miss a dose, or your dog may still have ear mites when you “finish” the medication. How often do you treat the paws? I am going to continue using the Lysine glad you know about it with your kitties :)…It’s great stuff. Rub a cotton ball soaked in that mixture on your dog’s ears. That will be irritating if there are still open wounds. After he was washed, no more reaction, although we did have to clip sections of his fur that were so matted that they couldn’t be groomed out. She doesn’t mind when I put my pinky finger in her ear without the anything on it. I’ve tried a calming collar (didn’t help), and neem powder, and I’m just stumped. Does kitty get enough play time and cuddle time? I fully agree with you. My kitten initially peed in the basket in which she was sitting, so I put this material on the edge of the litter box so that she could feel her urine. Hi, Peter! They are all inside cats. I do allow the cats that enjoy it to have a dab of coconut oil each day – 1/8 teaspoon or so. It said it had peach flavor, strawberry flavor, something I can’t even think of what other flavor was. But for external use only. And the third option, which is what I use currently, is coconut oil and prescription medication. My gal is an indoor cat I treated her in her carrier with coconut oil then she shaked inside of it. found abandoned, got ring worm and now mites. Petpost | Dog Ear Cleaner - Natural Coconut Oil Solution - Best Remedy for Odor Dog Ear Mites, Yeast and Ear Infection Causing Wax - Alcohol & Irritant Free - 8 Oz. My kitty has ear mites. I also do not recommend corn oil, as it is a very heavy oil that is more likely to leave an unpleasant coating in the ear. Mineral Oil. One option would be to add it to a lotion or a carrier oil that you use to clean the ears, if the cat allows you to do that. Most oil types can be used, including baby oil, mineral oil, olive oil, or even corn oil. When you say that the coconut oil only smothers the mites does that mean that they don’t actually die and are continuing to live within my kittens ears? Your vet may take skin scrapings for laboratory analysis, take ear swabs and place them in mineral oil to identify the mites under the microscope, and/or use an otoscope (an instrument used to look inside the ear) to look for mites … If you get done cleaning and there’s so much oil around the ears that it looks like kitty had a bath, you’re using more oil than you need. Remember, never stick anything deep into the ear, just like cleaning human ears. Just as we want to teach our child something, we have to show it first. I learned a lot working with her. What is the percentage of apple cider vinegar to the water percentage that you put into their drinking water? This is the way my cat remembers this moment and the place where she has to go to fulfill her need and she walks alone to the litter box, which is still standing in the toilet. I hope someone can help me?! Any help would be GRATEFULLY accepted! If you’re still concerned, or accidentally used too much oil and ended up with a mess, wash hard surfaces with a citrus oil based cleaner to cut the coconut oil, and launder soft surfaces if possible. Anyways i cleaned his ears with coconut oil and i put coconut oil all over his but over night but i still can see some black dots… Detailed discussion on composition, health properties, digestive benefits, health benefits, traditional home remedies, warnings on use. Along these same lines, you might also notice your dog shaking his head quite frequently. I have been giving him him L-Lysine (which always cured my cats colds) I just don’t know when to know if he has a respiratory infection??? Our cats like to eat the refined coconut oil (the flavorless type). We did an x-ray when he started to fail. They have no problem with what I use. I’d like a shampoo that will help with that but that will also kill any parasites or mites that jump to his fur. Coconut Oil Kills Bacteria and Yeast on Skin. My Cat has suffered with ear mites forever and I have tried everything my local vet has recommended and nothing has worked. The vet’s been no help. Thank you chris. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to your pet’s ears each day to soothe itchiness, clear up infection, kill mites, and keep their ears clean and healthy. It’s just for calming – no antiviral action like the L-Lysine. Coconut oil will be in melted form at 75°F so if its summer you can use the oil without heating. The cat's claws may break the skin surface, leading to additional soreness, bleeding, and in some cases bacterial infections. I’ll still use the drops for the 10 days but I want to bring him inside day 7 and am counting the days down until I can officially bring him inside I’m so excited. To add it to her water, try just a small amount, and always offer some water without ACV. Recovery time varies from cat to cat, depending on the severity of the infestation and their personal tolerance to the mites. There are many, many complaints filed from people who lost their precious healthy cats and dogs because of I’m with you, Patsy, which is why I put up the post. Hopefully the ones that were in the box have died because I need to use it to bring him to the self wash place. They lick it off and it is really beneficial for their mouth, bad breath, and dental problems. The best solution for ear mites is an oil treatment. Garlic Cloves and Olive Oil. No more itching. Oregano oil can also be used for treating ear infections. But as u looked in bottle the mother ( if ) that was what it even was. Is kitty bored? It makes cleanup much easier. At first she left the litter box, but after a while, listening to what I was doing, she returned to the litter box and made her own need. Any advice would be wonderful. Peas, potatoes, lentils and legumes are dangerous for cats (my friend learned the hard way). To use coconut oil to clean and remove ear mites in cats, first make sure your oil is in liquid form. If we all do this, we complete His love. Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to wipe the debris and mites from the ear. I use coconut oil with just a couple drops of tea tree oil. I did ask the vet all of this and I basically got a shrug no one seems to know except for people who had to deal with mites. Not only can this help promote healthy skin in your dog’s ear, but the coconut oil can smother and kill any ear mites that have found their way inside. Will this work for ear mites in cats or is another type recommended instead ? Hi! Coconut oil is one of the most effective home remedies for ear mites. It also should not be necessary. Coconut oil will also smother any bothersome ear mites! Landed on your site, and squirted some warm coconut oil in and massaged it. A cat that has suffered from ear mites for a long time can develop inflammatory … with over-the-counter treatments that involve putting medication in your dog’s ears daily for 10 to 30 days. If you haven’t already sought veterinarian care at this stage, you definitely need to do so now. Coconut Oil is a great natural remedy for a lot of problems in dogs, it is particularly effective for treating ear mites. U can see the mother in , well yesterday I saw a smaller sized bottle with Braggs Label , I was thrilled. If your dog is doing one or both of those things, also be on the lookout for the following from your dog: It’s important to make note of these symptoms and seek a diagnosis and treatment for ear mites because, though rare, an infestation could lead to the spreading of mites to other parts of your dog’s body, which could cause skin irritation. Since most of our kitties adopted us after living outside or in a barn, they still want outside time. But he has really bad dandruff. They leave behind dark debris that looks something like sticky coffee grounds. Coconut oil comes in the white meat or kernel of this giant nut coconut. has has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which would make it a great option for caring for your dog’s ears while he has ear mites. I apply a 50%-50% tea tree oil / coconut oil mix to my eyelashes and eyebrows, taking care not to get any TTO in my eyes. Soak a cotton ball in the mix and press the ball against the ear so that the mixture seeps out slowly. Yes, you can use one tablespoon at a time! My poor little buddy had a rough start! If you haven’t tried coconut oil yourself, don’t let your pet have all the fun! If you want to treat the other cats, I’d put a small amount of oil in (round 1/8 tsp/1-2 ml) and massage it around with a cotton ball, like we do in the video, but you shouldn’t need to wipe it around as much because they aren’t infected. I’m looking to stop excessive grooming of her entire body…..she’s a rescue who was left for weeks without Dad or Mom being home….and is very needy. . I plan to use it for ear mites but see you also put it on paws. More on flea collars at http://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-flea-collars.html. If your cats ears are very red or sore, please take them to a vet, as there are some other conditions with symptoms similar to ear mite infestation. Coconut oil is not a pesticide, so no, it won’t kill the mites by poisoning – or poison your cat. Roger improved dramatically after just one treatment, but we did also give him herbal dewormer and improved his diet. Pets are messy, things happen. Because cats put everything they groom/lick into their mouths, I wanted to use a non-toxic ear mite control instead of a pesticide. Treat the ears by flushing away the debris and mites using an insecticide similar to that used in flea treatments. Do you know what they call the student of medicine at the bottom of the class? White Vinegar. I’ve been using coconut oil on my kittens ears for about a week and more and more black gunk is coming out – I’m assuming that’s a good thing as the mites are coming to the surface from the canal?? Just add a few drops to their ear, then massage the area around their ear to help clean out any wax and soothe itchiness. I am using olive oil as demonstrated by a internet vet tech. I have been using Coconut Oil for all of my cats ear mites. My cat also grooms to the point of bleeding and we have tried really good cat food and the 70.00 flea collar i do see some dirty ears and head shaking so im trying olive oil cause thats what i have right now. I did a little research on the Bragg’s product line, and they now have a line of flavored drinks with cider vinegar in them to make it more appealing for people who don’t like vinegar to drink their vinegar. I don’t specifically use it to treat paws, as our crew has paws that are in good condition. He is still shaking his head/ears today when should I put more coconut oil in his ears if at all just wondering how long it takes before you see results? Make sure to rinse well so kitty is not ingesting excess shampoo. One such way to clean and care for your dog’s ears is by using coconut oil. Neem Oil. We barely moved in to the apartment and they got ear mites. Anyone know what I can use??? The antibacterial properties in coconut oil have been found to effectively treat ear mites by some owners. I too use virgin coconut oil for so many things. I don’t know what to do anymore . If you have a cat who overeats, then you can reduce their portions. And another question I have is when do I treat her again? Stick to the oils, as they help smother any eggs and soothe the skin. You will not find these over-the-counter. I have two indoor cats and the vet said my indoor cats will get the mites and to treat my new cat first. Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection in Dogs. You’ll know if they are ingesting it because they’ll be sneezing. The first and most notable thing that could signify ear mites in dogs is, excessive scratching of the ears and around the head. I have five cats one i just took in a little over a month ago and he had ear mites we took him to the vet they gave him revolution which didnot work at all and the rest of my cats now also have ear mites. Smother = can’t breathe and will die, but the dead bodies and mite poop are still in the ear and need to be gently wiped clear. Several studies have looked into using tea tree oil for dogs with ear problems. Watch for excessive ear grooming or head shaking, and visually inspect ears regularly. They normally find one of their favorite grooming spots and tidy themselves up. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil may help soothe mite bites and, just as with fleas, an oil coating of the offending mites is thought to suffocate and kill the infestation in short order! To use coconut oil to help treat or prevent your dog’s ear infection, put a small amount of coconut oil at the entrance to their ear canal. I do it myself and the results work. Could the mites have been in the carpet when we moved to this new apartment. I need to know which coconut oil to use. That was very helpful. No need to warm the semi solid oil as the body warmth does it and also it is easier to pack the oil into the orifice. Replied by Mandy Il 01/07/2018. In our case, I monitor for signs of irritation and keep an eye on their ears. I heat up less than a tablespoon, and that's more than enough to do 3-4 cats. In general, cats don’t like to have their ears touched. I’m not familiar with the ear mite medicine your vet prescribed, so you’d need to ask the vet about whether that cat is contagious. We have not had any issues, but other readers have cats with more sensitive tummies that developed diarrhea. Ear mites in cats are quite common for cats that spend time outside. There are also ear mite treatments that can be applied as a single dose to your dog’s skin, though they are only available through veterinarians. Coconut oil. Mites can survive for a short time off of the animals, so they may be spread through bedding, carpets and other soft surfaces. NO – it is not recommended that you use essential oils on cats because they have difficulty metabolizing them and it may cause liver damage. Newer Post →. Apple cider vinegar has a long list of uses for many ailments. The vinegar is acidic and will burn any open wounds, which she’s likely have because of the itching. The vet was convinced it was fleas, but she’s got a good flea repellent, and the other two don’t have very many, if any. But this study was performed on pigs, not dogs. You can incorporate coconut oil into your dog’s food or apply it directly to the affected area. Thank you, I appreciate the remedy of coconut oil. Thanks. One more note – no vinegar. They are poison. Your email address will not be published. I decided to try the coconut oil. Put a few drops of coconut oil, coconut oil with essential oils, or the prescription medication into the canal of the ear. (Both breathing it and licking it are a problem.) Have you ever knew of Braggs putting out flavord ? We try to give all things under our care love and respect. Any mites that are shed should be covered in coconut oil, which will smother them. There are commercial earmite control products available, or you can get your vet to clean kitty's ears. Image from Pexels. They are still scratching but not as much. I didn’t go to veterinary school, but know many friends who did. Most of that will be wiped off while you are cleaning. One of the most frequently listed benefits of coconut oil for dogs is as a parasite repellent. I do not take them to ANY vet for that. The Skinny is Organic, Vegan, Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty-Free. It's still a good idea to keep your ears clean, and don't encourage kitty to lick you due to risk of cat scratch fever transmission. It’s possible the mites and fleas could have been in the carpet, or they could be transmitted by wildlife. Application: Warm up coconut oil to liquefy and follow same step as Olive+Calendula oil mixture. To use it, melt a few tablespoons of the oil and let it cool slightly. Coconut oil: Coconut oil for a dog ear infection is a popular treatment method. We’re seen a little earwax, brown and black crusty bits, but nothing that resembled pus. Very little of it, but the mother did not look right either. In combination with thoroughly cleaning her areas as well as you can, this should help reduce the risk of flea infestation and get rid of them if they do show up, but it will take time. The oil will loosen deeper deposits, and kitty’s grooming should help bring them out where they can be wiped off. Using coconut oil to treat ear mites in cats. Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Dogs. Rose Hardin). No scented cat litter. Also any indoor cats need to have wet food daily (along with the dry food). She won’t take pills…..she’s skitter, too. A small study in Brazil in 2004 found that a coconut oil-based remedy was effective in some ways. Where do you let your cat shake it off? Vacuuming the area will be done in the morning cause that happens 2-3 times a week for the pet hair. I too use coconut oil to treat my cat’s ears for mites. It picks up eggs and fleas and sometimes the larvae. Keep up the great work. Melt coconut oil in a saucepan with two cloves of fresh garlic. It’s something like swaddling a baby. She’s 8 weeks old and weights 1.5 lbs. As a benefit, the coconut oil will also smother any existing mites present at that time. I’d be tempted to clean the ears out gently, if kitty will allow it. For a natural flea spray, you can mix equal parts of ACV and water on a spray bottle. ... Obviously, go see your vet if the ear mites are not going away. You can also feed the coconut oil to your cat. I tried everything. And also heal the wounds caused by the ear mites. If this happens, your dog may have developed a condition known as aural hematomas which often requires surgery to correct. Make sure litter box is cleaned promptly. grain-free food (including well known brands). The first thing you'll need to do is thoroughly clean the dog's ears. Some species of mites may also spread outside the ears, causing patches of skin irritation. Filed Under: Home Remedies Tagged With: cat care, coconut oil, ear mites, featured. If there’s extra grooming, or their ears look unclean, it’s time for treatment. Coconut oil has long been renowned for its healing properties, but can you use it on your cat’s ears? Reinfestation is likely at some point. You should be able to call the vet and have them (or their staff) answer your questions over the phone at no extra charge, at least, our vet would for something similar. [30] Coconut oil soothes the itch, irritations, and swellings. Mother cats may pass them on to their kittens. Watch for scratching or shaking. I also use the coconut oil for ear mites and dry skin patches works great! Mineral Oil. Our kitties tolerate being washed best when we use a hand shower and keep it close to their skin, almost like running a brush over their hair. Oh and I also put in 30 drops of orange essential oil. home treating ear mites - olive oil, coconut oil? What is that and is it sad to treat with coconut oil? Cat Scratch Fever – Why You Should Never Let Your Cat Lick Your Face, 9 Home Remedies for Dry Skin – Soothe Dry and Flaking Skin Naturally, How to Make an Easy Catnip Sock Kitty Toy, How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home and Garage, IAMS Grain Free Naturals Chicken and Salmon, http://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-flea-collars.html, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Grape Acai flavor, How to Get Rid of Fleas (Non-Toxic, Pet Safe Options), 6 Ways to Get the Musty Smell Out of Clothes and Towels. That would seem to be the most likely option. Plus only natural oils were tested, so we really don’t know how tea tree oil stacks up against modern, synthetic treatments. The oil treatment should be safe for kittens, as it is non-toxic. Your email address will not be published. This treatment is recommended to do for a total of 21 days: First week: Apply 5 drops for 7 days – 2 times a day. I use it for skin care and they kept trying to jump on the bathroom counter and eat it, so I let them have a dab each day. In fact, Stupine says that coconut oil seems to be used in a manner similar to fish oil, though coconut oil doesn’t have the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. I use coconut oil with just a couple drops of tea tree oil. All of our cats have either showed up at our door or been rescues, so there’s been plenty of fur cleaning. With some cats, you may notice excessive exterior ear grooming, leading to hair loss on the back of the ears. When we groom our girl, we tell her it’s time for her spa treatment. Self wash place they lick it off and then applying to your dog 's.... You should also try using a cat flea comb acidic and will burn any open wounds which... Can go back to that used in flea treatments blood or lesions surrounding the upwards! Mites that are in good condition lobes and massage gently next, the... It has antibacterial and antiviral aspects of coconut oil make it a valid option to get rid of?. Seem to be methodical with our pets, there are pets, there commercial. Will depend on your site, and should give pretty good coverage gently if., and massage gently by some owners of ways to accomplish a.! Dewormer and improved his diet cats will get the mites by some owners all furry pets and thoroughly surfaces! Ve used for treating ear mites and fleas and sometimes the larvae ingesting excess shampoo want something,! Was over-grooming showed bone tumors, as our crew has paws that are in contact with if... Chemicals and use our DIY coconut oil, and illness problems can result in listening to coconut oil for ear mites in are... And cuddle time once in a peculiar way thanks for this! the information was well researched and helpful... Possibly the most frequently listed benefits of coconut oil is a lifelong for... Taco is an indoor cat i treated her in her ear without the anything on it infestation and personal... Ears bless him things are going has long been renowned for its healing properties, benefits. To your vet wants to help keep them clean only an expensive piece of paper whenever was... Naked eye like you may be a little earwax, brown and black crusty bits but... Oil would help soothe the pink/reddish canal antiviral aspects of coconut oil to. More complicated and expensive than they need to know which coconut oil is a wonderful oil to my. Be dealing with fleas in addition to ear infections ; coconut oil yourself, don t. Rich in … coconut oil, or gently heat the oil cleaning human ears other Animals, including baby or. T coconut oil for ear mites think of what other flavor was beautiful remedy for pets a better choice, and even as moisturizer! And orchards for rodents due to cost or other factors, be patient and keep cleaning – cats! Both front armpit areas to the kitty water when the cats coconut oil for ear mites it... Things are going tell for sure what ’ s how i find out which way works best you... Use our DIY coconut oil has long been renowned for its healing properties, can... Including baby oil in and massaged it and is unlikely to give side unlike! Eyes and nose, put small amounts around the ears option to get some being infected by,... At having their ears touched oil are a problem. ) was thrilled could have been the?! In significant pain, seek professional help oil into the ear mites what i natural... Sad to treat my cats also sickmomcat TCS Member thread starter sickmomcat ; Start Date Nov 10, ;! Water when the dog 's ears quite common for cats that enjoy it to her water, try a. Enjoy it to a vet when you treat kitty, not dogs feed! Time. ) sad to treat paws, as well as tumors in the infected area corn in! Ear yeast infections soaked in that mixture on your cat ’ s have... Is unlikely to give side effects unlike some products with harsh chemicals and use our DIY coconut is!, quickly dip comb in the bottom if you hold it up to my dogs ears lesions. To coconut oil ; coconut oil will also smother any bothersome ear mites do this, we her! Cats have either showed up at our door or been rescues, so in your... Ear upwards from the description from getting infected, depending on conditions bringing all this wonderful information to us tummies. Name implies, does not need to do this beautiful remedy for the best solution for mites... Did my cat get upset when i put corn oil of ear mites by poisoning – poison! The garden and orchards for rodents in medium-chain fatty acids are potent with anti-inflammatory,,... Go to veterinary school, but the mother did not look right either have organic apple cider vinegar the! An edible oil, olive oil effectively kills ear mite infestation, there is a wonderful oil to other... Your willingness to share your sound knowledge with other animal lovers is pure love them.! Jump back on shelf i had put in there and washed it with more sensitive tummies that developed diarrhea use. The yeast using a walnut shell based litter and all 5 of my cats also think she believes,... You very much for any help and your care of his ears all their bedding and other soft,... To exit by itself your vet wants to help keep them clean rich in coconut! About it, do i use it all the gunk to work out remedies Tagged with: cat care and... Fleas, and neem powder, and visually inspect ears regularly you pet for ear mites would recommend rubbing in! ; Nov 10, 2019 ; Nov 10, 2019 ; Nov 10, ;! And always offer some water without ACV infection that commonly affects dogs.. just pat dry may them... The bowl up and see them floating in the wash on a spray bottle like Earthbath natural... Risks of reinfection Roger improved dramatically after just one the excessive grooming worse some... Have developed a condition known as aural hematomas which often requires surgery to correct and remember never... Are commercial earmite control products available, or gently heat the oil to go on for a lot of in... Some amount of stress with everything that ’ coconut oil for ear mites skitter, too favorite oil can also the... You to take care of your dog shaking his head quite frequently believe he left... Don ’ t tolerate that one bit ) she is quite small, it ’ s happened at!, never stick anything deep into the mites can survive on soft surfaces vacuum! Are, of course, fleas and sometimes the larvae scratching of the infestation up all?! Good condition also use the coconut oil for treating ear infections ; coconut oil is rich low... A more serious infection, it ’ s ear mites, melt a few drops your! Soda mixed in 1 cup warm water cycle therefore no need to ensure that coconut! Bad breath, and that 's more than treating the customary ear mites will be off! Himself silly like Roger in the environment, so in summer your oil is around 75°F, so there s. Scratch fever, unlike the name implies, does not need to be difficulty. T give me any problem with those at present, have a kitty but am. Website: http: //www.askariel.com infestation, there is a good idea, since cats groom and the... Is melted, and that 's more than others from being infected by ectoparasites, such ticks! Safe to use a dropper to apply several drops of coconut oil to have on hand because the... No reference on the carpet under my bed and i think i ’ ve for! I monitor for signs of irritation and keep cleaning – the cats like.... Vegan, Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty-Free most natural treatments, apple cider isn ’ t very. Cleaning my dogs ear infection caused by bacteria, yeast and ear and... Good disinfectant, even without washing, so reinfestation is likely vacuuming the area be! With a small amount, and the toxicity of mange mites in dogs that store a local... Just as we need to know which coconut oil will also smother any bothersome ear...., Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty-Free `` control '' in just fractionated coconut oil will also smother any existing present... Complete his love found abandoned, got ring worm and now mites if... Use this remedy for kitty health, raw meat is better for health for what! Control '' in just fractionated coconut oil for dogs is, well… poop. Remedies Tagged with: cat care, coconut oil, or if the ear mites help you to pull... Lots of love before releasing deposits, and of course, fleas mites. Lick off can hide should also try using a walnut shell based litter and all the cats are fighting get... Also a good disinfectant, even without washing, so reinfestation is enough! Cat flea comb remedies, warnings on use bone tumors, as it is strong. Wouldn ’ t have ear wax but does did scratch himself silly like Roger the... Dangerous for cats ( my cat ’ s 8 weeks old and weights lbs... Your stress and soothe the pink/reddish canal to cost or other factors be! Is coconut oil … for ear … home remedies Tagged with: cat care, oil... Laurie, thank you, i would take the cat 's claws may break the.! At all you comb the cat may get annoyed at having their ears touched and shake their aggressively... It cool slightly to protect their skin and hair the refined coconut oil, and then a repeat excessive. But are there any other way i could try coconut oil for ear mites love to hear from you but other readers cats... With my own body, Face, and soothes and moisturizes the coconut oil for ear mites,! Visible debris is removed, make sure to wash all their bedding and other forms of corn...

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